Grant P., New Zealand

I came across the chakraremoval.com website by ‘accident’ whilst searching the web but knew immediately that I should look it up and especially after reading a couple of paragraphs about it, that I should definitely get mine removed. An inner knowing that said yes you need to do this. Being an experienced healer I decided to remove my chakras myself. They dissolved extremely quickly and easily, like they were ready to go anyway. I wasn’t sure about how to do the kundalini system and again with inner guidance, decided to book an appointment with Kunde-Ra and his partner. I live in New Zealand but through email we were easily able to find a convenient time for a skype session.

After booking the appointment I noticed that there were low vibrational beings visiting me. I didn’t think too much of this as I see and remove beings very easily, but especially the two days before the appointment, we started having problems connecting to the internet and I realized that they didn’t want me to have skype connection for the appointment! I have found this often happens before I am about to do/receive something that will greatly benefit me/others. After removing them, the internet connection returned and no problems were had during the appointment.

Kunde-Ra and his partner were very friendly and explained everything that they were doing and why. They also made sure that they had confirmation with my me and my higher-self before performing anything. They confirmed that I had already removed my chakras and that I was already very ‘clean’ from other my own work and other’s healings in the past. They identified that my kundalini system was still in place and got confirmation to remove it after performing some preliminary cleaning. They also found a large etheric crystal in my head which was the root of the strange sensations I had been experiencing there for some time. Kunde-Ra’s partner used toning to bring up blocks to removing these, as well as other things I’m sure ;-). The kundalini system and etheric crystal were both removed by the energy of Kunde-Ra’s wings such that they dissolved gently and easily. Unlike some healers who pull things out of the body, this was a very gentle and soothing experience, especially considering my sensitivity and tendency to writhe around when I’m being healed!

The last thing they helped me with was identifying and revoking a ‘soul contract’. I had already removed a ton of contracts in the past but they expertly identified that I still had one in place that was limiting me. After they worked out the correct phrase to say, the contract cleared and there was a large shift.

On top of that, Kunde-Ra also identified that there was a crystal behind me that needed cleansing and they both gave advice on other situations that were affecting me from a spiritual perspective.

After the session I felt light headed, woosy and had a little trouble maintaining my energy levels later in the day. This soon cleared the next day and I was comfortable doing my everyday work from then onwards. Having just a core star has helped me slightly with energy levels – I have noticed that I haven’t needed to eat so much for energy anymore. The main benefit for me is that I do not need to be cleansing/paying any attention to separate chakras. This is saving me much time in healing myself and identifying that within me. Because I feel what others feel, I know for definite now that if I feel chakras that they are not mine which is great for when I am healing others.

Other benefits I have noticed so far are that my light language is coming through more easily and that I am more grounded – my ‘energy body’ legs aren’t waving around outside my body like they were before! I didn’t really have problems with parasites and ‘attacks’ from other entities but I can see immediately how having no chakra system limits the ways in which they can ‘get at you’. I certainly don’t need to spend much time checking for these sorts of things anymore.

I like to experience healings from a wide range of practitioners out of interest, to better myself and to learn. I can definitely say that this experience was one of the most wonderful. Thanks to both for helping myself and others – they are doing a wonderful job!

Carolyn, Phoenix AZ

Thank you both sooooo much for everything!!! It was just beyond amazing, absolutely fascinating, super powerful! I felt so much right from the very beginning of the cleaning and I cannot even begin to describe it all! I’m profoundly grateful for the agreement breaking that we did as I recognize it now and it has been so impactful. Thank you for resolving my perplexing and severe shoulder pain, too! I never suspected that as the cause but I’m so happy it is gone after months of enduring such discomfort! The cleaning was so powerful, so thorough, and the world felt much, much brighter so quickly!

The chakra removal experience was very interesting and tho I was a bit apprehensive and it was intense, it was not uncomfortable at all. I felt what I can only describe as an internal friction or tension that has always been there just totally dissipate and it was almost as if my being could really breath for the first time. During our short break right after the chakra removal, I immediately felt so much more of my own Eternal Essence, so present and expansive, and the energy flowing within me was amplified like a bzillion percent! Simply amazing! The Kundalini removal was very different and equally intense. It was as if I felt every nerve, especially those in the skin for some reason. It was not uncomfortable, just very unusual and strong.

I feel very different, more spacious and expanded yet much more present and connected to my Eternal Essence. It’s not even truly a connection bcuz there’s no separation to connect thru. It’s just there, present, profound, palpable and I’m so very, very grateful!!! There was just so much that happened and I’m so immensely grateful for all!!! And I so appreciate the kindness and warmth that you both have and how you both explained when explaining was helpful for the process. This was the unknown for me going in and yet I felt total trust and confidence in you both! I’m so very happy that you are both here, offering your Gifts and Wings so generously to assist us all and to assist this beloved Earth!!! A bzillion thank you’s would be understating my gratitude but here’s offering them anyway!!! Smiles!

Ada, Connecticut

After an etheric attack on my car that ending up causing an accident, I felt that something was wrong with the driver’s seat. It affected my root chakra. I tried and tried for months to heal or clear the problem, with little success. Upon discussing the issue with Kunde-Ra and his wife, we decided to ask my higher self whether it would be better to repair my root chakra or replace my chakra system entirely. I had been (and continue to be) under severe and constant attack because of the nature of the work I am doing to shine light into dark places, and my higher self gave the go ahead to remove my chakras. I actually see this not as a loss of the chakras themselves, but as the removal of a sort of prism that divides the white light into the different colored wavelengths, and a return to working with white light energy at the core of my energetic system. I had to release certain agreements in order to do this, and one of these was not to express my true self. After my chakras were removed, I had incredible experiences for the following week. I was very much in tune with the earth and with the natural world and my meditations produced more immediate effects that I had ever before experienced. I felt incredibly free and joyful, as if I had been released from bondage. I had a taste of what life on this planet will be like once the matrix control system is totally dissolved. In the following months, I have experienced much less fear of the attacks. They still happen, but they are not as devastating, and they are easier to recognize and clear.

Kathleen, Boston MA (removed her own chakras)

It’s been probably been two month since I’ve removed my chakras. The initial feeling was release/relief, a great and comforting perception of my central unified energy source, greater intuition and easy flow of association in my mind, old memories of traumatic experiences flowing up and charge from them releasing effortlessly, extra attention from unhelpful energies/entities but easily being rid of them.

E. Moore, Missouri

I am writing this because what I experienced with your work needs to be said so others may be aware of the incredible relief and help that is available to them.

I was at a conference a few months back and met the team known as the “cleaning wings”. When they talked about the work they do I was very skeptical at first. I had to go away and really think about what they were saying.  I then began asking myself if this was something that I should experience or have done. This took more time and meditative thought. I soon was back on their door step with problems that I had been having in my body. They informed me about where the implants were and that it was time for the implants to be removed if I was up for it. Every place on my body they talked about was where I had had issues. So now I was up for the procedure, what could it hurt, or better yet what could it help?

This gentle man stood in front of me with his back to me while his wife (Mrs. K) as I call them now, told him were to concentrate his energies.  I began feeling a sweeping feeling through my body, literally like wings swiping through me. When their process was done I instantly felt relief in the areas I had been having issues with. The effect that this procedure had on me was so profound I began sharing their gifts with others that needed help as well. They began talking about the benefits of having your chakras removed. I was skeptical at first, that seemed so dramatic, and why was it necessary? They began explaining and I did some more research and a lot of meditation and a (yes) kept coming up for me to have them removed. So we scheduled a date.

They began working on me. I felt some times pin pricks or tingling’s, sometimes my body would break out in a sweat and then get cold. I just remained open to the process. When it was done I was ravenously hungry. The next day I was still feeling this feeling of emptiness and began meditating on filling myself with the golden light and the blue light of the goddess. The morning after my chakras had been removed I was awakened to what I call an energy vortex that seemed somewhat like a snake sticking out the top of my head. Like the pictures in Egypt  of the cobra coming out of the top of the heads of the people on the walls. So I questioned the 2 K’s. They informed me that because the blocks had been removed that my energies were free to flow now, and it would probably settle down in a while. The energies had been suppressed after all, and they were now set free.

Since this process was completed, I have had greater awareness and insights. I am now in a much calmer place, no more panic thoughts and fears that are sooo 3D.  There seems to be a peace in me that I have never known before. I do not need to run on that panic, fear level ever again.  My friends are seeing also that I am calmer and centered, more in tune with things; which sometimes amuses me because they call me and let me know they want to be around me because I have such a calming effect and see things so clearly.

I have since called the 2K’s for periodic clearing because we can pick up (JUNK) along the way and need help with keeping ourselves clear, so we can keep doing the work we really came into do. There is a real clarity in one’s own mission, even more after such a clearing as what the 2 K’s do for someone. It truly is a clearing of the mind, body and emotions. I cannot thank the 2 K’s enough for how in such a positive way they have improved my life and the lives of the people around me.