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Below I have listed some links to articles about chakra removal that I found to be interesting, and have included them for your reference. We resonate with some, but not all, of the information and opinions shared in these articles. In all cases, we recommend using your own discernment and take what resonates for you.

Kelli Coffee Sessions

Tools For Transition Part 3: Chakra Removal (Workshop) MP3 Audio

This first link, we do recommend highly. After selecting the link, you will need to scroll down to get to Episode 12 – Special Episode 2 “Chakras Round Table”. It is a round table discussion on “Chakras” with George Kavassilas, Cynthia Kavassilas, Kelly La Sha and Perry Mills. Due to both Kelly and George receiving numerous enquiries, the topical subject of chakras and associated energetic systems are discussed and deliberated.
Episode 12 – Special Episode 2 “Chakras Round Table”
There is also a lot of good information in Episode 5 – Laura Lee Mistycah “Spiritual Warrior Goddess”.
I have found a lot of good information about the chakras and kundalini system in George Kavassilas’ book Our Universal Journey. Information about the book can be found on his website here.

Below are some additional links to information about Chakras and Chakra Removal.

Below are some additional links to information we found when we first started our own exploration on this topic.

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