FAQs about Chakra Removal

Isn’t chakra removal something you must do for yourself?

Some people believe that chakra removal is something that you must do for yourself, and that no one else can or should do it for you. Well yes and no. The energy in my wings or energy fields is used by your Higher Self to dissolve your own chakras. It is your own Higher Self that directs the process, and my Higher Self guides my energy. I do not go in and manipulate or remove each chakra one by one. Rather that process is determined by your Higher Self. I just pay attention and focus on what is happening and what needs to happen next, so I am following the process and providing my energy (in my wings) as a “tool” for your Higher Self to get the job done. I know when each step of the process is done by how, when, and where the energy is moving and by connecting to and asking your Higher Self.

Some people prefer to remove their chakras for themselves. And we have worked with many people who had already done this, some of them without even knowing it as their Higher Self just dissolved their own chakras. That is one reason we always like to check with your Higher Self before agreeing to a session, as some people inquire without realizing that their chakras are already gone. But this is not so for everyone.

We know that we can facilitate the removal of people’s chakras easily and with little trauma, because we have done it many times. The ability I have been given to remove chakras and other implants enables people who are not adept at seeing and manipulating energy to also experience the benefits of a unified and fully open central core free of the limitations imposed by the chakras.

However, if you choose and feel capable, we encourage you to remove your chakras on your own. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the results of doing it yourself (not all of your chakras get removed, you miss the kundalini system, you have left over residue or structure, or entities that maintained them), you can always request assistance later for any cleanup that may be required. Regardless of whether you remove them yourselves or have me do it, it is essential that you follow your own inner guidance and direction of your own Higher Self.

What can I expect to experience after my chakras have been removed?

  • It will take your energy bodies time to adjust to the new configuration. Take time to rest and integrate.
  • You may feel different, and the way that you run energy through your body will be different. Give yourself time to adjust to this.
  • If you are used to using the chakra system to do your work (healing work, chakra readings, psychic readings, etc), you will need to adjust to using the energy and perceptions through your central core instead.

What kind of transition should I expect after the removal? Will my social interactions be harder, and will connecting with people be more difficult? 

The transition, for most people, is generally gentle and easy.  How your social interactions may change after becoming chakra-free is very dependent upon your individual situation, make-up and process. This is true for any substantial energetic shift an individual can make. Some people notice substantial shifts, others much less. Some relationships may become easier due to a reduction in outside interference, etc. Others may become less comfortable for the same reasons.

This is another step in becoming free of limitation and embodying your greater presence. You will likely use the same skills and abilities you have used on your journey up to this point to continue your journey. And you may acquire new skills, abilities and perceptions to support you on your way after becoming chakra and kundalini system free.

How do I know if my Higher Self wants me to have my chakras removed?

There are many methods people use to discern their inner knowing or guidance from their Higher Selves. These include muscle testing (kinesiology), using a pendulum, dowsing, intuition, or “it just feels right in my gut or in my heart.”

One way to discern is to say something out loud that you know is true, accurate and correct, and then experience how that feels in your heart or in your gut. For example, say “My name is <fill in your real name>”, or “I love my <fill in with the name of your child, pet, significant other>”. How does that feel? Does it make your heart feel open, warm, or relaxed?

Then say something that is untrue or inaccurate and see how that makes your heart or gut feel. For example, say “My name is <fill in a name that is definitely not your name>”. Essentially, say a lie. How does that feel? Does it make your heart feel closed, cool, or tight?

Now say out loud, “It is in my highest good to have my chakras removed” and/or “I should have my chakras removed” and experience how that feels in your heart.

Keep in mind that just because you have doubts, does not mean they are coming from your Higher Self. Actually doubts almost always come from negative energies and entities. Your Higher Self or inner knowing does not doubt, it knows what is best, and having one’s chakras removed is not a maybe yes or maybe no option.

Finally, even if you believe that your Higher Self wants you to get your chakras removed, I will (with your permission) ask to connect to your Higher Self and get confirmation that removing your chakras at this time is in your highest good. It is always possible that the timing is not right for some reason.

What is left after the chakras and kundalini system are removed?

After the chakras and kundalini system are removed, the “central core” or energy center is left. It is your direct connection to source and your Higher Self. To some, this may look like one large chakra, which resides near the Solar-Plexus below where the old heart chakra was. Some people call this the “sacred flame”, “core essence”, or “sun/star”.

After a complete chakra removal some people have experienced energies in their body that felt or looked similar to chakras. We have discovered that after chakra removal some people will be provided with “transitional energy concentrations,” which provide the astral body support during the integration period after chakra removal. These will dissipate over time without further intervention. We have been told by our upper-dimensional guides that many people will have similar energy concentrations as required by their body to adjust to the new configuration without the chakras. These are temporary to enable a more gradual adjustment for the physical body.

Please keep in mind our definition of chakras are the forth dimensional energy modulation structures (implants) that separate, compartmentalize, and limit the flow of energy from the central core or “core essence” within each of us. The “transitional energy concentrations” that some people have observed do not have this limiting effect.

How much negative energy will be removed?

Every individual is different, and the type and quantity of energies, entities, and implants that are removed is different for each person.

Instead of dissolving the chakras, can you just remove them?

We cannot just remove the chakras, because the energy that creates the chakras is your energy. But by dissolving the structure of the implants and the chakras your energy can then flow more naturally.

What about energy healing I receive from people who uses chakras?

Energy healers who use chakras as part of their work will no longer be able to use that modality with you.

27 thoughts on “FAQs about Chakra Removal

  1. Ryan

    Hi there, I have performed this procedure myself around 2weeks ago. As I focus of my core chakra I felt extreme pressure and heat, and then something release. I believe this was my core chakra opening. However I still feel sensations in areas of the imposed first chakra system. I am not quite sure how to advance my core chakra further, or weather there is chakra residue.
    Would you be able to perform a session with me, if so would this cost?
    I believe I am a indigo if this makes any difference.
    Many thanks,

    1. Kunde-Ra Post author

      Thank you for your question. No, you do not have to be physically present with us. We do most of our sessions over video conferencing such as Skype or Apple Facetime. These programs create a kind of portal through which the energies can flow back and forth between your location and ours to accomplish the work. Skype is a free application, which is the one we prefer because if has a text chat capability as well. A webcam is also required for our sessions as a part of either Skype or Facetime.

      If you would like a session please send us an email at engagements@CleaningWings.com.

  2. Rayan

    Hi i read about chakra removal and i tried it on my own last time but i am not sure if it is removed or not in the first place and i would like some help in knowing and removing them completely from my system with guidance so any help would be appreciated !!

      1. John

        Um will the 396,417,528,639,741,852, and 963 frequencies be helpful after you get your chakras removed and what about the crown chakra what is the truth about that?

        1. Kunde-Ra

          I do not know about “the 396,417,528,639,741,852, and 963 frequencies” and if their affect is changed after chakra removal. The crown chakra is one of the primary embodied chakras that is dissolved/removed.

  3. christina

    attempted to have my chakras removed for the first time about 6 months ago. this was done in a group setting by two people that I know that are being guided to offer this transformational service to humanity. Beforehand, we discussed the role the chakras play in duality and how essentially they were a gift that no longer serve us as we are moving out of duality based thinking and that the new heart based energy system would be a direct connection to Source. Without chakras there is no more going “out there” to receive messages, healing, spiritual progression. All of this completely resonated with my being and I received the alignment upon guidance from my higher self. There was an apprehension and a slight fear which I chalked up to ego and embarking on the unknown and also how other lightworkers that I work with would receive this because they are stuck in the ways of chakra work/guidance. I did not want to sever and relationships because of them not understanding…. With that being said, I received the alignment only to find a few months later, that my chakras had not been removed. I did feel different and more at one for a few days after the first attempt and actually felt my root chakra releasing and “dropping out”, but that was all and then I went back to feeling how I felt before the alignment. I do have to say that I am an energy worker/massage therapist and I use Reiki on a daily basis and was not instructed to not do energy work during the transitional process. Could this have effected the outcome?
    About two months ago, when it was discovered that the chakras were not removed, I went in for a second attunment. This one felt way more powerful and effective but the outcome feels as if it is again not taking. Is it possible that I have to do complete the chakra work that I started before this and learn what lessons they have before they can be removed? In a bit of a fog over this and would love any input/advice that you may have. it would be most appreciated!
    Love Light Regards

    1. Kunde-Ra Post author

      Hello Christina,

      Thank you for your comment/question about Chakra Removal.
      I would love to talk with you on the phone more about your experiences before I offer any advice or recommendations.
      One of the first things that I would do is to request your permission to connect to your Higher Self to find out how many if any chakras you still have. And we would also like to find out if you still have your kundalini system as that is also very important to remove at the same time.

      It is also possible that your chakra’s are gone, but you have other implants that are giving you trouble. We almost always find implants that need to be removed before, during, or after the chakras are removed.

      Would you be willing to talk with us?
      If so, please send us your phone number and a good time to call by private email.


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