FAQs about Chakra Removal

Isn’t chakra removal something you must do for yourself?

Some people believe that chakra removal is something that you must do for yourself, and that no one else can or should do it for you. Well yes and no. The energy in my wings or energy fields is used by your Higher Self to dissolve your own chakras. It is your own Higher Self that directs the process, and my Higher Self guides my energy. I do not go in and manipulate or remove each chakra one by one. Rather that process is determined by your Higher Self. I just pay attention and focus on what is happening and what needs to happen next, so I am following the process and providing my energy (in my wings) as a “tool” for your Higher Self to get the job done. I know when each step of the process is done by how, when, and where the energy is moving and by connecting to and asking your Higher Self.

Some people prefer to remove their chakras for themselves. And we have worked with many people who had already done this, some of them without even knowing it as their Higher Self just dissolved their own chakras. That is one reason we always like to check with your Higher Self before agreeing to a session, as some people inquire without realizing that their chakras are already gone. But this is not so for everyone.

We know that we can facilitate the removal of people’s chakras easily and with little trauma, because we have done it many times. The ability I have been given to remove chakras and other implants enables people who are not adept at seeing and manipulating energy to also experience the benefits of a unified and fully open central core free of the limitations imposed by the chakras.

However, if you choose and feel capable, we encourage you to remove your chakras on your own. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the results of doing it yourself (not all of your chakras get removed, you miss the kundalini system, you have left over residue or structure, or entities that maintained them), you can always request assistance later for any cleanup that may be required. Regardless of whether you remove them yourselves or have me do it, it is essential that you follow your own inner guidance and direction of your own Higher Self.

What can I expect to experience after my chakras have been removed?

  • It will take your energy bodies time to adjust to the new configuration. Take time to rest and integrate.
  • You may feel different, and the way that you run energy through your body will be different. Give yourself time to adjust to this.
  • If you are used to using the chakra system to do your work (healing work, chakra readings, psychic readings, etc), you will need to adjust to using the energy and perceptions through your central core instead.

What kind of transition should I expect after the removal? Will my social interactions be harder, and will connecting with people be more difficult? 

The transition, for most people, is generally gentle and easy.  How your social interactions may change after becoming chakra-free is very dependent upon your individual situation, make-up and process. This is true for any substantial energetic shift an individual can make. Some people notice substantial shifts, others much less. Some relationships may become easier due to a reduction in outside interference, etc. Others may become less comfortable for the same reasons.

This is another step in becoming free of limitation and embodying your greater presence. You will likely use the same skills and abilities you have used on your journey up to this point to continue your journey. And you may acquire new skills, abilities and perceptions to support you on your way after becoming chakra and kundalini system free.

How do I know if my Higher Self wants me to have my chakras removed?

There are many methods people use to discern their inner knowing or guidance from their Higher Selves. These include muscle testing (kinesiology), using a pendulum, dowsing, intuition, or “it just feels right in my gut or in my heart.”

One way to discern is to say something out loud that you know is true, accurate and correct, and then experience how that feels in your heart or in your gut. For example, say “My name is <fill in your real name>”, or “I love my <fill in with the name of your child, pet, significant other>”. How does that feel? Does it make your heart feel open, warm, or relaxed?

Then say something that is untrue or inaccurate and see how that makes your heart or gut feel. For example, say “My name is <fill in a name that is definitely not your name>”. Essentially, say a lie. How does that feel? Does it make your heart feel closed, cool, or tight?

Now say out loud, “It is in my highest good to have my chakras removed” and/or “I should have my chakras removed” and experience how that feels in your heart.

Keep in mind that just because you have doubts, does not mean they are coming from your Higher Self. Actually doubts almost always come from negative energies and entities. Your Higher Self or inner knowing does not doubt, it knows what is best, and having one’s chakras removed is not a maybe yes or maybe no option.

Finally, even if you believe that your Higher Self wants you to get your chakras removed, I will (with your permission) ask to connect to your Higher Self and get confirmation that removing your chakras at this time is in your highest good. It is always possible that the timing is not right for some reason.

What is left after the chakras and kundalini system are removed?

After the chakras and kundalini system are removed, the “central core” or energy center is left. It is your direct connection to source and your Higher Self. To some, this may look like one large chakra, which resides near the Solar-Plexus below where the old heart chakra was. Some people call this the “sacred flame”, “core essence”, or “sun/star”.

After a complete chakra removal some people have experienced energies in their body that felt or looked similar to chakras. We have discovered that after chakra removal some people will be provided with “transitional energy concentrations,” which provide the astral body support during the integration period after chakra removal. These will dissipate over time without further intervention. We have been told by our upper-dimensional guides that many people will have similar energy concentrations as required by their body to adjust to the new configuration without the chakras. These are temporary to enable a more gradual adjustment for the physical body.

Please keep in mind our definition of chakras are the forth dimensional energy modulation structures (implants) that separate, compartmentalize, and limit the flow of energy from the central core or “core essence” within each of us. The “transitional energy concentrations” that some people have observed do not have this limiting effect.

How much negative energy will be removed?

Every individual is different, and the type and quantity of energies, entities, and implants that are removed is different for each person.

Instead of dissolving the chakras, can you just remove them?

We cannot just remove the chakras, because the energy that creates the chakras is your energy. But by dissolving the structure of the implants and the chakras your energy can then flow more naturally.

What about energy healing I receive from people who uses chakras?

Energy healers who use chakras as part of their work will no longer be able to use that modality with you.

27 thoughts on “FAQs about Chakra Removal

  1. Nirpal

    This is really interesting, I’m interested in doing this, it feels true yet I have a bit of apprehension towards the process.

    How does having your chakras removed relate to ‘grounding yourself’ and ‘opening yourself up’?

    I know spirits can possess you when you’re too open, not protected and not grounded. How does it relate to this?

    Access to higher dimensions and guidance no longer come from the crown chakra but rather the sun/star one within us?

    Can we try to increase the sun/star within us normally without removing the major chakras?

    How about all the other chakras in the body? I’ve heard there are so many but the main ones being the 7 and 13…?


    1. Kunde-Ra

      We are aware that many people are taught to “ground” using their chakras. However, we have found that without our chakras, it easier to connect with the earth, because we are more grounded in our own energies. In terms of “opening yourself up”, the same is true. Without our chakras, it is easier to open ourselves to other positive energies. It is safer, easier, and clearer to receive and interact with other energies because we are more connected to our own central core and can therefore discern more easily what is ours and what are others’ energies.

      Having chakras does not protect you from possession by negative spirits. Rather they can allow and make it easier for dark entities to attach.

      Yes, access to higher dimensions and guidance will no longer come from the crown chakra, but will come from our central core within us. However, some people experience access to higher dimensions through a “crown” structure around their head that becomes apparent after chakra removal.

      YES, you can definitely increase the sun/star within you without removing the chakras by practicing the “Unified Chakra Meditation” and other similar practices.

      Yes, there are a number of other minor or sub-chakras in the body that will also get removed. Some of these include chakras on each hand, each foot, and in your shoulders.

  2. Targ Collective

    When performing chakra removal, do you remove the Alpha and Omega chakras? If so, what effect does this have on the Waves of Metatron?

    1. Targ Collective

      One more thing. Are the unembodied chakras cleared? What effect does this have if they are? If not, why not?

      1. Kunde-Ra

        We do not remove the un-embodied chakras. Just the embodied chakras.
        This is because the ones in the body are 4th dimensional and are limiting implants, whereas the others are 5th dimensional or above.

    2. Kunde-Ra

      When I remove/dissolve chakras, I do not remove the Alpha or Omega ‘chakras’. They are not 4th dimensional, and they do not reside within the physical body.
      As for the “Wave of Metatron”, the Wave of Metatron is not impacted or affected by the chakra removal/dissolving as it moves between the Alpha and Omega chakras which will remain.

  3. Tom

    If I remove said chakras what if I desired to do metaphysical work the moment they were removed what would I do to go about doing it? or would I need to wait a few day,months, years?

    1. admin Post author

      It really depends. What do you mean by metaphysical work?
      After your chakras are removed you should be able to conduct your normal day-to-day living activities without any issues.
      But if you are talking about running energies like performing Reiki or other types of energy work, I would not recommend doing that type of energy work until after your physical body has had a chance to integrate and adjust to the new energetic pathways in your body.

      The adjustment and integration period may take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks, depending on the individual.
      But that does not mean that one would need to wait until the adjustment/integration is complete before proceeding with their normal metaphysical work. Please follow your inner guidance.

      Please take this information as another opinion. And of course with all external information, please check within to see if it resonates with you.

  4. Jay

    I believe I had someone remove mine, but I’m not sure it worked, I did get a sense of freedom. She did it for free, but does that mean it didn’t work? I’m not sure. I ask because others require payment and I’m pretty much unable to pay without any job and I really desire mines removed(currently using public and relative PC) do you suppose it worked?

    1. admin Post author

      After receiving permission to connect to your Higher Self, both my wife and I connected to your Higher Self and asked if ALL of your chakras had been removed.
      Independently we both got “No”.
      We then asked if any had been removed, and we both got “yes”.
      Two of your chakras have been removed, your 1st or root chakra and your 5th or throat chakra.
      Some of the other chakras have bits and pieces removed. But your 6th and 7th chakras are still completely intact.

      And your kundalini system/patterning is still intact also.
      At least this is the information that we have received for you.

      Please take this information as another opinion.
      And of course with all external information, please check within to see if it resonates with you.

      1. Jay

        How do I remove them? any tips or information on doing so please? I figure I should remove them. I have no money to pay anyone and I rather not be in debt. Is there anyway?

        1. Kunde-Ra

          I do not know how you are able to remove yourself. But I do know that other people have done that. Carla Fox has shared on her blog that some of her clients have removed them by themselves. A link to her blog is at the bottom of my homepage. Good luck.

    1. Alicia Miller

      Hello.. I am highly clairvoyant and had been struggling to receive messages from my guides and meditating among other things…although I could see spirits clearly but hearing and feeling it was always fuzzy distorted. I have never ever embraced chakras and meditation, or any our hindu, buddha religion system to access my gifts..they have always been there.. I have always been assisted by two angesl who appeared many times to me and vanished as quick as they came 🙂 I allowed myself to reach within and try to develop these gifts on my own and just couldn’t get into the chakaras at all…as you know in this line of work that’s all is pushed on you…ALL THE TIME….I was instructed by my guides to remove the chakras…and I followed the procedure shown and I felt them pulverized however…since I don’t use pendulium, crystals…nothing to confirm with the use of those tools. What I do know is that afterwards I could meditate and my abilities have skyrocketed. I gain energy from the sun as instructed by y guides and withing a few days I was doing readings like never before. I feel my purpose is to teach others about love and acceptance of themselves. I don’t promote any usage of such tools only stress to try meditation and connecting with your own inner self. So far I have been very accurate in my readings. I felt so amazing that I went a little further and set up my Intuitive Life Coach business also direct by my guides that I had been dragging my feet on. I read energy and can see blocks in people and with help from my guides I am able to work with my client and help them discover their full potential and remove the blocks. MY questions to you is …if someone comes claiming their chakras are blocked (meaning someone else told them this) and of course I don’t believe in chakras are beneficial…should I tell them remove them..even though I am not familiar with them ? I love that you are spreading the truth about chakras…I had had so m any people tell me its impossible to remove them or move them or touch them…I make no sense in my babble…yet those same people complain about their chakras is blocked..lo… 🙂 thanks for you time.

      1. Kunde-Ra

        Thank you for your comment. It is great that you have had such wonderful results from removing your chakras.

        In response to your question “if someone comes claiming their chakras are blocked…should I tell them to remove them?”, I would say to tell them that it is possible to remove them and that many people have received benefit from removing them. But I would not take the position of an outside authority to tell them what they should do. Because then they will try to do it because you said so, rather than because their Higher Self says that it is appropriate at this time for them to have their chakras removed.

        A number of people have come to me to request that their chakras be removed and after checking with their Higher Selves, I told them that it was not appropriate at this time. That being said, you can remove the blockage and/or replace the chakra if necessary (yes, they are modular and replaceable).

        Now if you receive communication from their Higher Self and if they also receive their own guidance to have their chakras removed, then we would be happy to assist. Many people are not able to do it properly and completely on their own, and then there is also the kundalini system that is left and must be dealt with also.


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