Chakra Removal

In early 2013, my wife and I both had all of our chakras removed. We are still alive and functioning better than ever. We and others we have worked with are experiencing significant benefits being without them. In fact we now understand that chakras are astral implants that are an expression of the game of limitation and, among other effects, allow others to drain and contaminate our energy.  We now perceive the chakra system to be an energy modulation structure that separates and limits the flow of energy from the central core or “core essence” within each of us.

The chakra system has been a necessary and integral part of the separation game. And by encouraging awareness of our own energy and the energy of others, they have been a useful tool in understanding and working with energy and growing our consciousness. To be clear, we hold ourselves as multi-dimensional masters playing the game of separation and duality, and we do not see ourselves or anyone else as unknowing victims of the chakra system or any other limiting implant or device.

The chakras can be related to dams on a river. With the dams, the water can be controlled and used to create hydro-electric power or it can be diverted and siphoned off for other purposes like irrigation. Sometimes the flow through the dams gets clogged and must be cleared. But who is controlling the water flows? By removing the dams, the water is allowed to flow as it would naturally as directed and required by your own Higher Self.

After the chakras and kundalini system are removed, our central core or energy center remains, but is now unified and fully open. It is our direct connection to source and our Higher Self. To some, this may look like one large chakra, which resides near the Solar-Plexus near where the old heart chakra was. Some people call this the “sacred flame”, “core essence”, or “sun/star”.

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Benefits of a unified and fully open central core without chakras:

  • Ability to receive and express much greater energy from our spirit or Higher Self
  • Ability to handle and experience higher frequencies
  • Allows more direct connection with our Higher Self (no chakras in the middle)
  • Acts like a force field that helps screen out other people’s pictures of reality. (Most of us walk around in other peoples’ energies because our energy bodies are separated.)
  • Feelings of being more centered, calm, secure, powerful, peaceful, and self contained
  • Greater clarity
  • Psychic abilities begin to unfold and develop more rapidly
  • Removal of limitations imposed by the chakras
  • No need to put time, money, or effort into clearing blockages from or balancing your chakras
  • No more crown chakra induced headaches.

Your spirit is unlimited. The limitation has been in the etheric and astral structures and programming within our energy body including thought forms, etheric wiring, implants, chakras, devices, parasites, and other structures.

Disadvantages of Chakras:

  • Chakras limit the amount of energy coming in from our central core and our energy fields
  • Chakras separate the energy of our core essence, which makes it easier for others to attach cords and drain our energy
  • The chakras were implanted so that specific energies could be accessed, thereby allowing control and manipulation of our energy fields
  • The chakras may act as blockages of energy that can cause physical deterioration of the body and psychological illnesses
  • Chakras keep our body’s energy field segmented, making it easier to manipulate from an external source

Although one may want to have his or her chakras removed, it is not a procedure that one should undertake without full agreement from their Higher Self. When you are ready for it, your Higher Self will open the way. Removal of the chakras only needs to be done once; they will not return.

For some people, we believe this to be a useful step in removing our limitations and manifesting our Greater Presence.

Chakra Removal Service

With the use of my wings or energy fields, I am able to remove chakras, the kundalini system, and other implants. Actually I dissolve them. I have dissolved chakras in numerous people, including my wife. I offer a chakra removal service to those people guided by their Higher Selves to get their chakras removed. This service includes removal of all the embodied chakras, the kundalini system, any associated implants, and a personal cleaning of the entities that support and maintain the chakras and implants. I provide the energy of my wings to dissolve implants, chakras, devices, and remove negative and dark entities. But I make no promises as to what actually gets removed or dissolved. That is dependent on your Higher Self as well as the agreements you may have with the entities and the role they play. For a description of how a Personal Cleaning works and what it looks like, please see my other website

My wings remove chakras and other implants by dissolving them in place. I do not pull them out, manipulate them, or in any way cut them out of the energy body. This avoids any possibility of injury to the energy bodies and causes less energetic disturbance than other methods. In addition, my wings are able to remove chakras and the kundalini patterning quickly enabling a rapid recovery. An apt analogy is the difference between a surgeon who removes an appendix by cutting it out or just dissolving the appendix in place allowing the energy to be reabsorbed back into the body.

Other methods of chakra removal have the potential to damage aspects of the energy body, which can make one feel weak, disjointed, or manifest uncomfortable physical symptoms, and therefore require a longer recovery and adjustment period. When I remove chakras with my wings, I also remove the associated residue and clean out the entities associated with maintaining the chakras.  So not only do I remove the chakras and implants, but I also remove the entities that maintain them. This is an important aspect any implant or chakra removal procedure, because if they are not removed, the entities can continue to cause issues.

As with all energetic bodywork, discernment should be used when deciding to remove one’s chakras. Once removed, they cannot be put back into place. And the process of removing chakras requires agreement from one’s Higher Self. Any attempt to remove chakras without agreement from one’s Higher Self will be ineffective.

For additional information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page and listen to this ET First Contact Radio interview I did with Maarten Horst on Oct 31, 2013 about Chakra Removal.

If you are interested in getting your chakras removed or just want to ask a question, please send me an email at or Contact me using the Contact Form on the Contact page.  Information about our requested value exchange is listed here.

For those who feel that chakra removal is inappropriate for them at this time, we strongly recommend the regular use of the Unified Chakra Meditation here.


Please note that we perceive ourselves as providing our energies, skills and experience for use by your Higher Self for the purpose of embodying your greater presence. Any healing that you experience is co-created by you and your Higher Self.

Chakra removal may not be for everyone. Many people experience an adjustment period—for some this may be longer than others. Some people may still need to learn the lessons of the chakras. Each person is fully responsible for their own experience.

Nothing on this website is intended for the purpose of diagnosing, treating, alleviating, mitigating, curing or caring for disease in any way or manner whatsoever, nor is it construed to be. For any medical problem it is important that you have seen your licensed medical physician and have had any medical treatment completed or underway.